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INFORMATION - DEPARTMENTS - Net Projecting Department 
Net Projecting Department works in the field of research of the transportation nets, working in the partial uncertain conditions.

A major reason causing the advisability of consideration of network transportation models is a wide area of practical application and characters of its mathematical adjectives. Besides if some characteristics of the network objects cannot be defined precisely or they represent qualitative values then it is necessary to develop the solution methods for the fuzzy optimization problems, allowing to fulfill the operations with fuzzy data and to obtain the optimal solutions. In accordance with it it would be necessary to consider the various problems in the transportation networks with fuzzy and linguistic initial data and decision making with consideration of one or several criteria.

    The problems, which are solved by our department are:
  1. Development of the models of transportation network in accordance with considered optimization problems.
  2. Determination of the parameters of transportation network objects in the uncertain conditions.
  3. Determination of the shortest pathes between given network objects taking into consideration fuzzy and linguistic initial data.
  4. Search of the optimal solutions of minisum and minimax service centers location problems in the transportation network taking into account various optimization criteria.
  5. Fuzzy flow determination and redistribution.
  6. Network stability analysis with fuzzy and linguistic data.

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