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INFORMATION - DEPARTMENTS - GIS-Technology Department 
GIS-technology department develops the latest technologies of use of geographical information systems for creation of the automated systems for various purposes.

    The main tasks of the department are:
  1. Forming the requirements to the functional content of the subsystems of use of geographical information resources of automated systems for various purposes.
  2. Determination of characteristics of geographical information components of automated systems.
  3. Development of technologies of creation and actualization of the use of geographical information resources.
  4. Development of the principles of building of specialized user interfaces for realization of functions of geographical information subsystem for automated systems.

Application of computer technologies in graphical map production has received the big popularity and an official recognition in our country. Geoinformation technologies offers the new effective approaches to analysis. An information on the basis of digital maps and GIS beginns to play more important role for the automated cadastral problems and real estate.

Source of the information for a digital cadastre are large-scale paper maps and aerophotographs, but traditional data carriers find out a number of disadvantages. The analysis shows, that cartographical materials of different services are usually badly coordinated, various systems of coordinates, different quality bases are used, etc. Therefore unique way is an application of geoinformation systems (GIS) and technologies builded on their base.

Specialists of our department use the geographical information system ObjectLand, which allows to create maps directly in digital format. This GIS is built on the basis of the open apparating and programming platform.

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