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INFORMATION - DEPARTMENTS - Network Solution Department 
Network Solution Department deals with the corporative customers in the field of creation and further accompaniment of structured cable systems (SCS) for local computing networks. This department gives also a technical and consulting service to the companies needed an applications of the network information technologies.

Today your computer equipment is capable to solve a lot more problems than two years ago. It releases you from routine and gives a new opportunities for you. One of the main reasons of this qualitative leap is a general development of the structured cable system technologies. All you need to do is to recruit a company with a solution provider status. The solution provider company is usual the general contractor of the system. It takes upon oneself a development and realization of the system attracting the own business partners if it is necessary. At the same time all problems of compatibility, expansibility, accompaniment and modernization are solved.

STC "Intech" has a status of "MOD-TAP certified installator" and a status of the Novell Networking Partner. It allows to give a 15-years guarantee for installed structured cable systems.

    The most important tasks of our department are:
  • Projecting and development of technical and working documentation for local computing systems (LCS), for SCS and for active networking equipment in accordance with requirements specification.
  • Development of a functional (layout) scheme for the local computing networks, schemes of location of network nodes and components, equipment specification, methodical materials and the other information, which is necessary for the realization of the network fusion projects.
  • Montage of SCS, LCS, cable routing.
  • Setting of the networking equipment for the working places and Software by request of customer.
  • Setting, diagnostics and testing of ready-made complices.
  • Accompaniment and technical support.

Realized projects of our department:
Enterpise City Count of Workplaces
"Donskoy tabak" Rostov-on-Don 35
United sanatorium Sochi 60
"Rostovmetal" Rostov-on-Don 20
"Mashoptorg" Rostov-on-Don 15
"Sochiteploenergo" Sochi 23
Frunze Sanatorium Sochi 10
Taganrog State University of Radio-Engineering Taganrog 60
Administration of North-Caucasian Railway Rostov-on-Don 1200
"Tagvneshtrans" Taganrog 15
Fiscal policy Taganrog 24
"Karavay" Taganrog 30
Sanatorium "Dubovaya roscha" Zheleznovodsk 35
Independent pension fund Taganrog 10
Military registration and enlistment office Taganrog 16
Domestic affairs department Taganrog 12
"Shelf" Taganrog 25
Brewery Taganrog 10

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