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INFORMATION - ABOUT - About our center 
Scientific technical center "Information technologies" (STC "Intech") was founded as scientific industrial enterprise "Information technologies" (SIE Intech) on the 5th of January, 1994 in accordance with a low "About education" as a structured department of Taganrog State University of Radio-Engineering (TSURE) on the basis of scientific research Department of Software and Computing Systems of the new generations. Scientific leader - Head of Computer Science Department, Doctor of technical sciences, Prof. Bershtein Leonid Samoylovich, director - Rozenberg Igor Naumovich. On May, 29, 1997, in connection with introduction in action of the new Civil code, the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation authorizes new charter of TSURE according to which scientific technical enterprise is reorganized in scientific technical center. Scientific leader - rector of TSURE, Doctor of technical sciences, Prof. Zaharevich Vladislav Georgievich, deputy scientific leader Bershtein Leonid Samoylovich, Director - Rozenberg Igor Naumovich.

Main aim of foundation of STC "Intech" is a projecting, creation and application of the corporative computing networks, structured cable systems, automated information systems based of program-technical complices to production.

Over a period of activity of our center on the base of the contracts for creation of scientific technical production the following works have been carried out: creation of the systems of all-round automation for North-Caucasian railway, for "Rostovmashopttorg", "Rostovmetal", "Rostovkomplekt", "Firm "Bearing" (Rostov-on-Don); application of complex of software tools of automation for sanatorium "Sochi", for sanatorium of the name of Frunze, for Central military sanatorium of the name of Voroshilov (Sochi); automation of various problems for Taganrog custom and for Administration of Internal affairs (Taganrog).

STC "Intech" took part in the realization of a program of creation of state land cadastre fulfiling the works for technology development; program-technical complices for automation of activity for land inventory; for application of automated cadastral system; for forming of the informational data bank of text and graphic information; for training of the specialists of land committee and for the accompaniment of the systems.

A project documentation has been developed and construction of structured cable system has been made for office building and for the Transportation Control Center of North-Caucasian railway, for Rostov main railway station, for nine branches of central bank in the cities of our region, for the branches of "Center-Invest Bank", "Agroprom Bank" and for sanatorium "Sochi".

In cooperation with Information Computing Center of North-Caucasian railway the components of information analytical system of economic monitoring and forecast of the railway transport work were developed by request of All-Russian Scientific Research Institute of Rail Transport (VNIIZhT) of Ministry of railway transport of the Russian Federation.

A number of employees in scientific technical center is about 50 people including lecturers, students and other members of scientific and research sub-units of TSURE.

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